Our Services

Consultation service is suitable for the clients who is in Feasibility Study stage or in Maintenance stage. This service is also preferable for the researches to collect information in Asian countries. ATP supports Clients technically various ranges of engineering and commercial activities with remarkably reasonable costs and expenses.

Procurement Supports:
If you need to reduce your investment in your country or the third country in overseas, ATP supports you to purchase the best cost and quality mix equipment and facilities. ATP provide all through your procurements as, vendor surveys, contract supports, scheduling and planning for procurement and fabrication, expediting and supervising, inspection and quality control and shipping management. All you need is sit back and read our reports for the best buy!

Construction Management:
To minimize the investment cost in Asian countries, you need to employ the local contractors directly to your project. The local contractors in developing countries have enough functions in their own professions, however, the combination and coordination skills are not enough to support your project as a main contractor. You will have to contract several parties to execute your project, such as civil and structure, equipment vendors and installation work forces. ATP manage the project organization from the beginning to the end instead of you. Contractor and Vendor surveys, contract supports, scheduling and planning, design, expedite and supervising, inspecting and final punch out to the mechanical completion. You will enjoy our competitive cost and Japanese quality control system for your project.