We have completed hundreds projects in China, Malaysia, Korea and USA. The project fields are in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Fiber, Food and Mechanical Plants. Our services are: 1) Plant Investment Construction Management, and 2) Procurement Management to export the third countries. Please refer to ‘Our Services’ for the further information.

Recent Project Result


Mechanical Equipment Fabrication:

This equipment has been fabricated in China, and then transported to Malaysia. ATP has supported Clients from the planning stage before the contract with the fabricator. ATP planed and expedited the total procurement and fabrication schedule until the shipping completed. ATP also executed inspections and quality controls by supervising the fabrication through the project. The result was remarkable. The total CIF period was 10 months, and the COST REDUCTION from the original estimation cost was 10 MILLION USD for this equipment only. Like this very large facility, the transportation requires special cautions for the packing and delivery. ATP controlled and managed the transportation from the fabricator site to the CIF destination port.

Some Topics

Year 2003
ATP has been established in Kobe, Japan.
Year 2005
ATP Shanghai Office has been opened in China.
Year 2014
Signed with Malaysian Engineering Partners.
Year 2015
Signed with a Vietnamese Engineering Partner.
Year 2015
Signed with Myanmer Engineering Partners.